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What is the main focus of your organization?

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Data Governance Framework Walkthrough: Vision and Business Case. To vision statement is vision statement. This requires strong and effective data management coupled with close partnerships with users, particularly warfighters. Further strategic papers, supporting the implementation and ongoing management of Data Governance, will be developed as part of this Charter.

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The Data Governance Influence Group reserves the right to review and, if necessary, revise the data management policies, standards, and procedures pertaining to documents and content.

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Once members of your organization have developed your vision and mission statements, your next step might be to learn what other community members think of them before you use the statements regularly.

In addition, it does not reflect the growth in the number of lay users. This functional area is especially important as the State strives to better manage its data resources. What sort of data culture exists in your organization?

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There are a number of assessment models to choose from, so organizations can pick a relevant model based on their unique needs.

These data and application professionals handle all aspects of the planning, implementation, and ongoing support responsibilities for master data management processing on a project or application basis.
What is the chain of custody?
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