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Fire Mages, which should keep this as a very strong option to use in the Minor Slot, but much closer to the potency of other Minor Powers.

Fixed a bug that caused Form Ranks to incorrectly deal damage to players who gathered in the proper areas. Fixed a bug with Pressure Surge turning off after the Middle Ancient Ward filled up before Greater Reversal. And I can say our healers are pretty good.

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Nothing more to say really, despised the encounter and glad to see the back of it more so than any other! Protection Warriors twice the intended amount of cooldown reduction for Avatar when placed in the Minor Slot.

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Fixed an issue where Charged Spear could target victims of Devotion or Army of Azshara in all difficulties. Data Anomalies now signify they are Rare Bosses in their nameplate if a player has already looted it that day. The Dopple Gang now spawns when players use the item Pressure Relief Valve. Does reduced damage to secondary targets.

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If you want to go after it, click the button, and a skull will appear over the NPC so you can track it down. Mods like Weak Auras allow you to set up a blinking icon text notification.

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When you press block the delay between you pressing the button and Kratos getting the shield up is too long. Throughout the fight coral spawns which you just avoid as it does, but becomes important as the fight progresses. The drop location is currently unknown.

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There are plenty of other OP healer spells and design that they have not touched for coming up on a year now. DPS trait but it would require you to forego a Potency Conduit to access it.
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Mind Tether now connects the primary tank to a random target if a second tank is unavailable on all difficulties. Its real world value might be lower.

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