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Conversion of detached garages or other accessory structures to dwelling units shall not be considered conversion dwellings and shall not be permitted. The process and procedures can vary based on whether the primary administration was based on a will. Butler County seeking information about overtime pay for probation officers.

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  • Stoner, Hon of Chris Stoner, formerly of the Waverly house, is or ganizing a lodge of the Prudent Patri cians of Pompeii, in Butler, and meet ing with deserved success.
  • Board of Township Supervisors shall affix his or her signature and the Township Seal to the final plat for recording purposes.
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Strong storms swept through the county Tuesday afternoon, leaving many residents in the dark and with clean up to take care of.

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Regional planning responsibilities shall include providing technical assistance to counties and municipalities, mediating conflicts across county linesand reviewing county comprehensive plans for consistency with one another.

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Counsel should contact both the register of the county in which the estate is being opened and the county in which the oath is to be administered to determine their procedures for oath by commission.

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