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By starting at the fundamental frequency and gradually increasing the frequency, the successive cancellations and resonances can be noted and the readings used to check the fundamental frequency reading.

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Vehicles without stabilisers must be chocked to prevent damage to aircraft from sudden movement. But, unlike driving, flying includes moving in three dimensions while thousands of feet in the air. SOP should be used in order to monitor all the logics of the various systems. Literally a few days ago, I went to charge the batteries on my trusty but dusty Mavic Pro. ON one at a time, with delay after each until short circuit is localized.

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Use this confined space risk assessment template to identify hazards associated with performing aircraft maintenance.

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In the course of any flight, propellers can pick up dead bugs, dirt, and other pollutants.

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The removal of finishes from composites is a slow and expensive process.

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Weather: Consider the weather prior to carrying out this type of check.

For the most recent radars with memories, check the associated functions: altitude, azimuth, etc. The rules and regulations are strict, precise and designed to protect students. Are equipment and tools necessary to comply with the contracted work available? The magnetizing circuit is closed by depressing a pushbutton on the front of the unit.

Due to computation time, there might be a slight delay in the display of the groundspeed, and that could lead to increasing the maximum speed reached if this parameter is used.
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